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Devops service in montreal

Reliable DevOps services in Canada

We Will help you reduce time to market without sacrificing reliability, security, and compliance. Streamline your processes, improve efficiency, and develop new ideas faster with our assistance.

Reliable DevOps services

  • Cloud cost optimization
  • CI/CD as a service
  • Cloud infrastructure services

CI/CD Tools and Containerization


Apache maven


Bitbucket Pipelines

CI/CD Pipeline on AWS






Devops service in montreal

DevOps services we offer

Infrastructure as a Code

  • Stay consistent with the unified infrastructure setup
  • Onboard new staff with clear documentation reducing related risks
  • Accelerate development with easily deployable architectures
  • Save costs minimizing manual work of engineers

Delivery Pipeline and CI/CD

  • Accelerate release time recognizing issues in early stages
  • Know exactly how much time you need to recover from failure with MTTR
  • Convert more users into customers with a bug-free experience,

Monitoring and alerting

  • Track system’s uptime and availability
  • Build transparency over the product’s health for multiple teams and business units
  • Avoid false alerts with well-configured, automated systems

Cloud computing

  • Build a cloud-based platform or infrastructure
  • Get cloud consultancy
  • Optimize cloud expenses
  • Get help with cloud migration

Configuration management

  • Scale infrastructure and software systems, not staff to manage it
  • Take a step back anytime an emergency happens with recoverable assets

Secure infrastructure

  • Stay on the safe side with Firewall as a Service
  • Detect and prevent web attacks and intrusions
  • Run security tests

DevOps values


Accelerate time to market with best DevOps practices


Inject new code and features on the fly to reduce release time


Cut expenses avoiding unplanned engineering work


Adopt a security-first approach to predict and eliminate issues


Delegate routine tasks to DevOps to free up developers’ time


Respond to market changes lightning-fast to win more users

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