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Update your legacy software with cutting-edge technologies that grant new features, strengthen security and enhance performance.


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App modernization services we provide

As a software development company, we can deliver a wide range of modernization options for your software.

  • Upgrade consulting
  • Business analysts and solution architects conduct an in-depth analysis of the legacy system to provide a detailed report on the options you have to update your software.

  • App reengineering
  • Our developers rebuild outdated software using modern technologies, add new features, modernize and optimize the code with your business goals and needs in mind.

  • Cloud migration
  • Cut operational cost, improve availability, increase security and staff efficiency by migrating your outdated software architecture to the cloud.

  • UI/UX improvements
  • Our UI/UX designers can refresh an outdated design following the latest methodologies to deliver your vision and improve user experience.

App modernization challenges

Predictable results

The transparency of the modernization process is very important for product owners. We divide the software into several modules, which allows us to make changes gradually and easily present them to customers.

Functional specification

Before modernization, we conduct an in-depth analysis of the legacy system, its architecture, and technologies. We also cooperate with the product owner's in-house employees to obtain more information about the system’s specifications.


Downtimes are unacceptable for any business. To avoid such cases, we conduct rigorous Quality Assurance testing to identify and fix all bugs and malfunctions that can lead to downtimes or other errors.

Questions you may have ?

What is application modernization?

App modernization services stand for updating outdated software systems by rewriting their functionality using modern programming languages, frameworks, and architectures. Besides that, modernization can be applied to the UI/UX part as well.

What are the strengths of app modernization services?

Application modernization can unlock new business opportunities, cut operational costs, increase business agility, provide scaling capabilities and top-notch security.

Who works on app modernization?

Modernization team may vary from project to project, but usually, app modernization team includes: business analysts, solution architects, UI/UX designers, software developers, QA engineers, DevOps engineers, Project Managers

How do application modernization services look like?

Modernization process consists of 5 consecutive steps: first contact, discovery phase, modernization, integration, support and maintenance.

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